Long Term Weight Loss

Vince DelMonte - WBFF Pro Fitness Model

The foods you eat on a regular basis have a lot to do with whether or not you will have lifelong weight loss. A healthy diet plan includes vitamin and mineral rich foods as well as proteins. Of course, your diet plan is only part of it you also need to follow specific activities if you truly want to maintain health and weight. The most important tool for long-term weight loss is a strategy to do all of the above.

Diet – There are a lot of different weight loss plans out there, and diets that come and go. The best and most enduring of these plans in the most intuitive one: eat in moderation. Eating in large quantities is a habit. If today you decide to eat large portions of just fruits and vegetables, tomorrow you might switch over to fats and carbohydrates; and because you’re used to large portions, you’ll have large portions of those, too.

Drink lots of water, and get used to the taste of plain water. There are flavored beverages that cater to people who don’t like the taste of plain water, but there’s nothing as refreshing or good for your body as a tall, cool glass of water.

Do stay away from fried foods whenever possible. These things not only affect weight gain, but are harmful to your body in other ways. Find alternate methods for cooking savory meals: roasting, broiling and grilling are all options.

Eat a balanced diet. There’s no need to cut out carbs, proteins, dairy, or fats entirely as some diets will instruct you. Depriving your body from them will only make you crave them more, and doesn’t present a long-term solution. So eat the types of food you like, but again, do it in moderation.

Realize that habit has a lot to do with how and what we eat: we eat out of boredom and stress, during social gatherings, while watching TV, etc. Monitor your own bad habits, and develop good ones in their place: learn when to say, No thanks, I’m not hungry, to your body.


Exercise should be a large part of your weight loss routine. Exercise will keep you healthier and more energized and boost your metabolism. It means you won’t have to resort to mouse-sized portions when eating.

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